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Chalky White, author of the #1 bestseller “The 7 Secrets of Skiing”, has been described by several clients as, “One of the world’s best ski instructors and a great raconteur.”

Chalky White, Motivational Speaker

Hailing from bad beginnings of paternal abuse, Chalky would repeatedly be told he was useless and would amount to nothing. But, he’s amounted to plenty - in spades! So much so, he is now a sought-after motivational speaker offering “How To” solutions for business people in overcoming naysayers and adversity.

Also, Chalky has authored a #1 bestselling book, “The 7 Secrets of Skiing”; he presents to groups and clubs the “How” his ‘secrets’ work. Fascinating, entertaining, funny and accurate, whether your organisation wants an inspirational speaker that’s been there and done it, at the ‘sharp’ end, or information from one of the world’s leading ski technique authorities, then Chalky White always delivers.


From England, Bernard ‘Chalky’ White is a former London Policeman, a ‘Bobby’ as they are known. But don’t hold that against him! Chalky is the number one best selling author of his ski technique book, "The 7 Secrets of Skiing". He has lived and worked in eleven different countries. Chalky is currently based in the world famous ski resorts of Vail & Beaver Creek in Colorado, U.S.A.

For more years than he can count, Chalky White has worked at his long time passion of internationally known, some would say famous, ski instructor. During those years, Chalky developed major experience as a writer and lecturer in his pet subject of skiing technique. That expertise prepared him to ‘hit the road’ as an ultra lively, intriguing motivational keynote speaker. As his audience members will attest, it’s almost impossible to sleep during a ‘Chalky’ presentation.

But It Wasn't Always That Way

Because it wasn’t, is why Chalky White has the credentials and experience to motivate and inspire. Life didn’t start well. An abusive father raised Chalky. A father that tried to kill his spirit as he endlessly told him he was useless and would succeed at nothing. But, countless times since Chalky has proved that prediction to be laughable. Other doubters included ski instructor examiners that told him he was the ‘wrong body shape’ to make it as a fully qualified instructor.

As you will realize, that forecast was wrong too.

Down the years Chalky developed an attitude, a philosophy that would consistently help him to overcome the narrow-minded opinions of his doubters and naysayers. Those doubters included the potentially biggest of them all, Chalky himself.

The result? Without any formal qualifications whatsoever, often against great odds, Chalky, through his never-say-die attitude, defied almost every naysayer and, as he puts it, “I’ve nearly always had the last laugh.” That last laugh was to ultimately achieve his goals and fulfill his major dreams.

Chalky White’s audience members always enjoy the fascination and fun of Chalky’s motivational, inspirational speech entitled “How to Say Nay to Your Naysayers and….Have the Last Laugh!” A presentation that is an object lesson in overcoming doubts from whatever sources they may arise. Chalky presents to audiences at business conferences and conventions, universities, colleges and non-profit organizations. If you want your audience to be educated and entertained by a speaker that has many times been ‘through the ringer’ and back, Chalky White is your man!

Motivational Talks

Chalky White, Motivational Speaker

“What If?” Presentations

Naysayers and major self-doubt dogged Chalky’s life. But, not now! Why? Consistent use of his “What if?” Factor. While telling original, entertaining stories from an action-packed life, Chalky explains how anyone that uses his “What if?” Factor can fulfill his or her dreams and goals.

Technical Talks

Chalky White, Ski Technique Presentations

Ski Technique Presentations

Chalky White’s #1 bestseller “The 7 Secrets of Skiing”, was described by eminent skiing writer Mike Doyle as, “Deserving of its place in the pantheon of best skiing books ever written!” Why? Vital, its information is accurate, systematic and works—novice to expert. But, how do “The 7 Secrets of Skiing” work? Contact Chalky; he will come and tell your group or club.

Video: Chalky White, Motivational Speaker

Watch this video of one of Chalky's recent speaking engagements.

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Chalky White, Technical Skiing

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