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Expert, advanced, intermediate...improve your skiing performance. Ski anywhere in the world with internationally-acclaimed professional ski instructor Chalky White, author of the #1 best-selling book "The 7 Secrets of Skiing".

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Chalky's Service Explained

Warning: Only for Skiers that Demand the Best! - Custom Built Trips for Individuals or Small Parties: (Minimum level – Able to adequately ski blue runs) — Welcome to Ski the World with me, Chalky White. My program is aimed only at advanced/expert and competent intermediate levels. My coaching work has caused me to live in 11 different countries, including the United States at Vail & Beaver Creek, several in Europe, and New Zealand; I still love skiing them all – You can too! Let's go – You choose! Make those long held skiing dreams come true.

Unlimited Resort choices – Literally, anywhere in the world! Selections might be somewhere in the USA's Rockies in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho or Canada's Whistler and Banff. Or vitally, it might be a legendary European ski resort such as Zermatt, St. Anton or Val D'Isere. Perhaps you might want to ski some of Japan's legendary powder. The northern hemisphere summer is its southern counterpart's winter in Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.

Ski Touring/Randonnée - For the adventurous advanced skier there's the possibility of an alpine backcountry/off piste ski tour – Walk up/Ski Down - Perhaps the best known is Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Heli-Skiing – The crème de la crème and the biggest buzz of skiing adventure. The experience of a skiing lifetime; to be enjoyed by intermediates and above – Definitely no lift lines!

A Brain Teaser? From any skier's standpoint here's a question that I've long continually asked myself: "If I was a recreational skier that had a limit (or no limit) on the time per year I could ski, would I keep going back to the same resort year after year or would I venture elsewhere?" My abiding answer - "Absolutely not, always I would want to ski somewhere fresh and new, only returning to my favorites on occasion. To ski somewhere different reinvigorates and excites."

Ski Companions Lacking? – Part of the fun is having someone else to laugh with. The downside, if there is one, the better you ski the less skiing capable souls there are to ski with. I, Chalky, fill that void and you'll, almost certainly, improve!

5 Star Extras

Part of the Service: Again, Your Choice! I save you the time and trouble! Can I organize your trip for you? Should you request it, for a fee, I will arrange and book any of the following:

Your Adventure Starts Right Here, Right Now!

Again! What should be the first question you ask yourself? "If I could ski anywhere in the World, where would it be?" Come up with 3 choices so we choose your best option(s).

I look forward to chatting with you. Think Snow, 365!

From your Expert Skiing Companion,
Chalky White

Clients are raving!

One of the world's best ski instructors!

—Howard Lutnick, Chairman and CEO
Cantor Fitzgerald, New York

I achieved my long term skiing goals in just 3 days (actually in one). Miraculous!. Suddenly, I found myself confidently skiing blacks, crud and moguls for the first time ever. I’ve taken lessons for years with great instructors but, Chalky, by far, has been the most amazing. His system is simple, yet so powerful. I overcame so many ingrained psychological barriers.

—Diane Staves, Washington State, USA

I finally got it because of Chalky’s instruction. His ability to explain technical information in a way that I can understand is terrific…..Today, for the first time, I know what advanced feels like; I now know I can get even better. Amazingly, Chalky took me to the next level in just ½ day; I had fun too! .I had not planned a return trip, but now I will.

—Janet Tucker, California, USA

Chalky completely rebuilt my skiing from the foundations up; later I realized the enormous value of this. I loved his no-nonsense teaching approach, a spade was called a spade. False praise was totally absent. Chalky’s commitment to my learning process was total.

—Peter McKenzie, Brighton, England

Chalky has helped us to take our skiing to new heights. His teaching style is perfect for us in our mid forties. Chalky is more of a coach to us than a ski instructor - brushing up our technique and teaching us how to ski hard while protecting our bodies from injury, so we can enjoy the sport into our old age.

—Howard & Jody Reiter, Connecticut, USA

I was first introduced to skiing by Chalky. I remember being impressed by his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. Chalky’s commitment and encouragement was never less than 100%. For Chalky, failure is never an option. I have Chalky to thank for imparting to me the technical and teaching skills which enabled me to attain my British level 2 instructor qualifications. Chalky’s inherent love of skiing, is his trademark.

—Ian ‘Sav’ Savage, Les Arcs, France

Dispelling the myths. Unravelling the mystique. Cutting the crap. He was like no other instructor I’d met, dismantling and rebuilding with the skills of an architect, psychologist and coach, rolled into one. And it was fun!. Chalky’s driving force, is the unbending belief that we all have the ability to raise our skiing game to ever greater heights. Nobody on the planet is more determined.

—Keith Wootton, Birmingham, U.K.

I have used many ski instructors over many years. Chalky is, by far, the most outstanding. I substantially improved my turning and speed controls. Chalky was always enthusiastic and constantly helping.

—Peter Schick, Edwards, Colorado, USA

We need more instructors like Chalky. He seems to have great knowledge and ability to teach, apart from his great sense of humor. He took my fear away by being supportive. He was also tough enough to not let me stick with my bad habits. Awesome! Chalky helped take me from beginner to a good intermediate level, in just 3 days!

—Lisa Maria Oreamuno, Costa Rica

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