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“The 7 Secrets of Skiing” Book
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Chalky White's "The 7 Secrets of Skiing"

A sure-fire route into the world of advanced/expert skiing, simply explained by internationally-certified ski instructor Chalky White, I.S.I.A., N.Z.S.I.A., C.S.C.S.

A skiing client's description of the Author was, “Chalky White is one of the world's best ski instructors.” Countless similar plaudits and persistent encouragement by his clients, over a considerable period, finally persuaded Chalky that he, must, write his now highly acclaimed book, "Chalky White's, The 7 Secrets of Skiing"! The secrets – are they really? Not in the true sense of the word. But there has always been a degree of mystique involved in alpine skiing. More specifically, the real secret is in the basic order in which the ‘secrets’ or steps are presented by the instructor/coach and learned by the developing skier. Then, there’s the most vital factor/secret of all: The power of balance! Literally, dynamic balance, the ability to lose and regain balance consistently, could be construed as, “everything” when it comes to a sport like skiing. Unfortunately, the vast majority either grossly neglects or, more importantly, has never been truly coached in the skills of dynamic balance.

Author Chalky insists that the general skiing public could and should be at a far higher level of skiing competence than currently exists. Thinking, teaching professionals, plus skiers systematically helping themselves, can and do, help this situation to change dramatically. Chalky, proves it each day that he teaches on the ski mountains of the world. In a nutshell, what he advocate works – in spades! Should developing skiers immediately put into practice what is asked of them them, then they will experience first-time positive results. From the last comments, readers soon realise that Chalky is extremely confident that the information supplied in his '7 Secrets' book is consistently accurate. Highly regarded and internationally known ski instructor Chalky White's mission when writing "The 7 Secrets of Skiing" and in his daily teaching is to assist the skiing public to get what they crave and deserve; development of a level of competence that will greatly heighten the fun and exhilaration they get from their skiing.

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